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Tuesday, 30 September 2014 14:03

Towards an HIV Cure 2014 IAS Meeting

cloudhivThe IAS organized last July in Melbourne another Edition of the 'Towards an HIV Cure' workshop.

A summary of this meeting is now available online, published in 'AIDS Research and Human retroviruses'.

As it is not an open source journal, we have collected the new data summarized in this paper.

The reference is: doi: 10.1089/AID.2014.0236.



Data from VGTIFL shows that PD-1 and LAG-3 can help identifying Central memory and Transitional Memory T cells enriched with proviral integrated HIV DNA.

Evans et al. also showed that PD-1 and Tim-3, another immune checkpoint, were preferentially expressed on resting CD4+ T cells latently infected with HIV by dendritic cells in vitro.

Nicolas Chomont presented a novel assay: Tat:rev Induced Limiting Dilution Assay (TILDA) which measures the frequency of cells with multiply spliced HIV RNA and found that the reservoir size is 48 fold higher than with the co-culture assay, and 6 to 27 lower than estimated with the PCR techniques.


Clinical results were presented on the use of HDAC inhibitors to unleash the latent HIV. Panobinostat induced plasma virion release in 14/15 patients and induced a reduction in proviral DNA in all. It is the first time that a reduction in the reservoir is found.

Romidepsin, another HADCi, was safe in 5 patients at a dose of 5 mg/m2 IV 1 day per week every 3 weeks. However it did not reduce the reservoir except in 1 patient.


New approaches to kill reactivated latently infected cells were presented:

-Broadly neutralizing antibodies;

-Bispecific antibodies;

-Increasing functional virus-specific CD8 T cells;

-Auto-immune effectors cells;

-Therapeutic vaccination.


Treatment interruption is the only way to assess the effects of an intervention:

-ATI (analytical treatment intervention) for a fixed period usually of 16 weeks;

-Or MAP (monitored antiretroviral pause) restarting ART at the time of viral rebound.


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