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Written by Alain Lafeuillade   
Tuesday, 12 June 2012 13:00

The Latest Data on the Berlin Patient that I Discussed in My Last June 8 Post Unleashed the Dogs...

questions in science not allowedIt looks like it is not allowed in our free scientific world to ask questions that people refuse to answer or even discuss. It also looks like there is kind of unique thinking that prevails. It is not my conception of progress. I can understand the disappointed reaction of patients' advocates that truly beliewe -like me- on the hope of an HIV cure in a near future; I cannot understand the quite past Sovietic approach of scientists that claim I misinterpreted their confusing data...


The Story began by the Berlin patient beeing interviewed at my last ISHEID meeting in Marseille, 23-25 May 2012:


We are currently in the process of posting a face to face interview with the Berlin patient who told us "the NIH found dead virus in my body" least that was what they told him!


The story was followed by the Yukl presentation in Sitges, that I attended without being involved in its organisation.

Then, I issued several questions that nobody dared to answer in a scientific, rigorous way:


But these questions induced passionate and non-scientific debates:



...Sorry, but at least in Europe it is not that way we deal with difficult medical cases...


...and as I am more tenacious that you might think, I have a last suggestion: send your patient (I am sure he will be glad to help Science a bit more, with all the invasive procedures you had him to accept) -not your may be contaminated samples- to the ONE retrovirologist in the world: Professor Robert Gallo and he will sort it out the case more easily than you did:

Key words: Berlin patient, HIV cure, HIV cured patient might be infecetd or reinfected, contradiction, hot debate, solve the case
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